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Geek / Nerd / System Admin T-shirts Added

  • Jul 9 2013

So for those folks that don't know, I am a system admin by day and a website owner by night :) So this was eventually going to happen. I added a new section for t-shirts for Geeks, Nerds and System Admin, with some great shirts and more to come.

My favorite by far has to be the (LMGTFY) shirt for those that don't know what that mean it is Let Me Google That For You. Being a system admin I have folks coming and email and asking us how to do stuff all the time. Things that can easily be answered by just doing a simple google search. So when one of my syst admin co-workers found the LMGTFY webpage i just had to make some shirts for us and added them to the site. It was great the 4 system admin wearing the same shirt on the same day. People were asking us what does LMGTFY mean and when we told them they just laughted it at it. We loved it and made a big splash. One of my favorite shirts so far.

Make sure to check out the LMGTFY shirts available now.

Hibiscus Flower Decal Just Added

  • Jun 22 2013

Quick entry, just uploaded 72 new hibiscus designs, been working hard at getting new decals up to the site. Next on the list to add, fishing and hunting. Hope you enjoy the decals.

Want to say a quick thanks to all those that have support me up until now. Been a great ride and I hope you all have enjoyed your purchases.


Been 2 weeks with new site

  • Jun 6 2013

So its been 2 weeks since i put out the new site out to the world so far so good. Getting good responds from shoppers. Glad to hear people are likening the much simpler design and with more options. Will be working on getting the Home Decals Designs on line this week have over 300 new designs that will be putting up on the Home decor section. Trying to figure out what are going to be good sizes that people want on these. I guessing small ones no large that 36" but i may be wrong, hope to get some feedback from online shoppers as to what size decals that would like to put up on there home. Also working on getting more shirt designs, got some great new designs by local artist ready to go online. Hope i can get around to getting those desings online.

Calling all artists

  • Jun 6 2013

We are looking for artist that would like to either sell there shirt designs to us or create new designs for us. If you are an artist that creates neat new designs please email us at and show us what you have to offer. We can either buy out the design from you or we can work out a royality scheme with you so that every shirt we sell you get a percentage of the profits. Shoot us an email so we can start selling your shirt designs on our site.

We finally put out our NEW backend shopping site online

  • May 28 2013

After lots of hours of working on the shopping site, we finally completed the site and put it live on Friday 5/24.  From the looks of it, it is being taken very well,  the shopping site looks great and our first order via the new site came in on 5/25.  So excited.  We continue to add new items to the site and have over 800 new decals to add.  We will be working overtime to get the site populated with a bunch of new decals and a bunch of new shirts, license plates, caps, and street signs.   

Keep coming back to see all the new items we are working on every week and what new items have gone up.  I have huge list of items to post on the new site and trying to get them on as fast as i can but it a long process, i hope that by the end of summer i can have all the items up on the site.

Just a reminder to everyone we do custom work so if you see something you like on our site and would like to customize it with your name just let us know and we can do that for you.

thanks for your support and have a great day.

The Start of a New Site

  • May 23 2013

Hello everyone, so i've been working on getting this new site up and running, been a long time coming.  My old site has worked but needs a total revamp, that is why i've decieded to go with highwire new site templates and a now blog.  It was a rough start but i'm finally getting into the grove and getting all the categories filled up.  Had a few issues but only because i wanted to import all my items from inkfrog instead of starting from scratch.  The import did not go so well so i've been adding the items one by one instead.  It much faster and easier that trying to update all the items i've imported from inkfrog.  

Today i got notice from amazon that i have been approved for Amazon Brand Registry, so i'll be able to sell my custom decals and shirts on amazon without the need for UPC.  Yeah this is big for me.  Finally will get more eyes on my designs and hopefully more sales.

Look forward to see what that will bring.   The site is looking pretty good and i'll soon transfer my old site to point to this site.  

Have a great one and will blog more later.

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