We finally put out our NEW backend shopping site online

  • May 28 2013
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After lots of hours of working on the shopping site, we finally completed the site and put it live on Friday 5/24.  From the looks of it, it is being taken very well,  the shopping site looks great and our first order via the new site came in on 5/25.  So excited.  We continue to add new items to the site and have over 800 new decals to add.  We will be working overtime to get the site populated with a bunch of new decals and a bunch of new shirts, license plates, caps, and street signs.   

Keep coming back to see all the new items we are working on every week and what new items have gone up.  I have huge list of items to post on the new site and trying to get them on as fast as i can but it a long process, i hope that by the end of summer i can have all the items up on the site.

Just a reminder to everyone we do custom work so if you see something you like on our site and would like to customize it with your name just let us know and we can do that for you.

thanks for your support and have a great day.