Geek / Nerd / System Admin T-shirts Added

  • Jul 9 2013
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So for those folks that don't know, I am a system admin by day and a website owner by night :) So this was eventually going to happen. I added a new section for t-shirts for Geeks, Nerds and System Admin, with some great shirts and more to come.

My favorite by far has to be the (LMGTFY) shirt for those that don't know what that mean it is Let Me Google That For You. Being a system admin I have folks coming and email and asking us how to do stuff all the time. Things that can easily be answered by just doing a simple google search. So when one of my syst admin co-workers found the LMGTFY webpage i just had to make some shirts for us and added them to the site. It was great the 4 system admin wearing the same shirt on the same day. People were asking us what does LMGTFY mean and when we told them they just laughted it at it. We loved it and made a big splash. One of my favorite shirts so far.

Make sure to check out the LMGTFY shirts available now.