The Start of a New Site

  • May 23 2013
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Hello everyone, so i've been working on getting this new site up and running, been a long time coming.  My old site has worked but needs a total revamp, that is why i've decieded to go with highwire new site templates and a now blog.  It was a rough start but i'm finally getting into the grove and getting all the categories filled up.  Had a few issues but only because i wanted to import all my items from inkfrog instead of starting from scratch.  The import did not go so well so i've been adding the items one by one instead.  It much faster and easier that trying to update all the items i've imported from inkfrog.  

Today i got notice from amazon that i have been approved for Amazon Brand Registry, so i'll be able to sell my custom decals and shirts on amazon without the need for UPC.  Yeah this is big for me.  Finally will get more eyes on my designs and hopefully more sales.

Look forward to see what that will bring.   The site is looking pretty good and i'll soon transfer my old site to point to this site.  

Have a great one and will blog more later.